Expertises RNI

For over 15 years, RNI has been offering you solutions and regulatory expertise in developing your nutrition and health products in Europe and internationally.

Advising you at every stage of your product development and helping you towards innovation in total efficiency.


RNI is an international leader in regulatory and scientific affairs and offers a range of training courses dedicated to your professional upgrading or development needs.

Regulatory strategy

To advise you at each stage of development of your products and effectively support you in innovation.

Scientific & Toxicology Expertise

To provide you with support in your projects, in drafting your promotional arguments...

International expertise

RNI Conseil supports you in your international export projects.

Due diligence – M&A

Acquiring a new trademark, new factory or new business is a calculated risk.

Quality Audit

RNI will support you, stand in for you, or assist you with any internal or external quality audit.


We support leading players in the medical, health and agri-food world. We are involved in product development and arrange regulatory compliance market launch and international roll-out.

The regulatory strategy is a means – for any company – of assessing the regulatory risks and taking into consideration the scientific, medical and societal context of its products, concepts and developments.