Cosmetic products

Compliance serving your cosmetic products.

Whether you are developing a new cosmetic product or reformulating an existing product, RNI has been a dedicated regulatory and scientific partner for the development of cosmetic products in Europe, the USA and globally.

RNI will accompany you through all the steps involved with placing cosmetic products on the market:

New Products

  • Investigation into the quality and conformance of raw materials
  • Compliance of formulation (prohibited/restricted ingredients such as preservatives, colourants, UV filters etc.)
  • Determination of most suitable regulatory status
  • Reverse planning of product notifications


  • Scientific validation and proof of cosmetic product claims
  • Creation of label and packaging content (required regulatory mentions)
  • Validation of all forms of communication including those present on packaging, website, advertisements, leaflets etc.

Placing on the Market

  • Creation of the Product Information File (PIF) (EU and UK)
  • Authoring of the Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR) parts A and B (EU and UK)
  • Preparation of notification applications
    • Examples: CPNP for EU market / Submission to FDA’s Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program

Audit and Due Diligence

  • Qualification or follow up audits of suppliers, manufacturers and the supply chain
  • Assistance to adopt the relevant quality standards
  • On-site GMP Audits in Europe
  • Regulatory and scientific audits of cosmetic technical dossiers plus communication for M&A

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