Food & dietary supplement

Across the globe, legislation governing supplements can vary significantly.

In general, supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients and other substances which may or may not include botanical preparations. However, rules concerning the form of presentation, composition and labelling of supplements differ from one country to another.

Furthermore, specific product statuses may also be defined in national laws for food/dietary supplements. Generally, these supplements are classified under Food status.

However, this is not always the case. Some countries such as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) classify supplements under Drugs status, whilst other countries like Canada classify supplements under a specific status that is neither food nor drug – Natural Health Product status.

Navigating this complex regulatory framework can be very challenging.
Our experts are here to guide you through this challenge with our expertise in global regulations and our successful interactions with competent authorities and local agents.
Among the services that RNI Consulting offers, are:

Evaluation of quality and conformance of product composition and raw materials with applicable regulations

Safety assessment of products

Evaluation of conformance of active ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, and technological aids such as additives and flavourings with applicable regulations

Evaluation of conformance of labelling with a focus on mandatory elements, and voluntary mentions such as nutrition, health claims, and structure function claims

Identification of the nutrition and health claims that can be used for individual supplements

Substantiation of claims

Preparation of global supplement authorisation / notification applications

Validation of all forms of communication including those present on packaging, website, advertisements, leaflets etc.

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