RNI CONSEIL offers support and consultancy services in various types of product.

The RNI team is available to assist you during all stages of your project, both in Europe and internationally.



Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) is a specific regulatory classification that provides authorization of ingredients for use in food.

Medical devices

The medical device landscape in Europe and the UK continues to be attractive for manufacturers...

Common Food and Enriched Food

RNI at the heart of nutrition.


Food for Specific Groups & Medical food.

Borderline products

What strategy for your borderline products?

Novel foods

Novel foods in Europe are defined as foods that have not been consumed to a significant degree by humans...

Cosmetic products

Compliance serving your cosmetic products.

Food & dietary supplement

Across the globe, legislation governing supplements can vary significantly.


We support leading players in the medical, health and agri-food world. We are involved in product development and arrange regulatory compliance market launch and international roll-out.

The regulatory strategy is a means – for any company – of assessing the regulatory risks and taking into consideration the scientific, medical and societal context of its products, concepts and developments.