Borderline products

What strategy for your borderline products?

To guide you in the classification of your borderline products

Cosmetic products or medical devices?
Medicines or food supplements?
General food or health products?
Biocides or medicines?

In any country in the world, the regulations applicable to food products and health products present problems in terms of the choice of different legal statuses. The choice of regulatory status and the marketing strategy to adopt is often difficult because of the complex nature of regulations.

For over 15 years, RNI has been specialising in the regulatory challenge of borderline products.

The regulatory status of your product influences the entire regulatory approach that you must apply. Our regulatory and medical expertise in different product categories enables us to provide you with guidance to choose the most appropriate regulatory status.

By taking into consideration your constraints, as well as the intrinsic characteristics of your products, RNI evaluates the different regulatory possibilities in order to help you make the right choice.

Our expertise and advice are based on:

Our experience and cases handled over a span of more than 15 years

Precise monitoring of the changes in current regulations for the different categories of nutritional and health products

A methodological approach grounded in comparative law and jurisprudence

Precise expertise: each RNI consultant is specialised in specific regulatory statuses to ensure the expertise and multi-disciplinary approach to all projects

Since expertise is only acquired by specialisation, RNI surrounded themselves with a network of experts in complementary specialities: toxicology, clinical studies, human nutrition, pharmacognosy, micro-organisms, paediatrics, etc.

You can rest assured that we make every effort to competently and reliably meet all your scientific and regulatory needs.
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