Manolina Kontaxaki is a Medical Affairs Confirmed Consultant based at RNI Consulting’s London office.

Manolina holds a master’s degree from Utrecht University in Toxicology and Environmental Health, and has done her undergraduate studies in the Chemistry Department, in University of Crete.

In her previous working position, Manolina worked in a third service provider company and her main duties were in compliance of products that companies want to sell in the EU market. She has working experience as a toxicologist and scientist officer and she has gained excellent knowledge of EU legal framework (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.)

She was also drafting toxicology and safety assessment reports, clinical evaluations, risk assessment reports, etc.  Another role she has much experience is in Pharmacovigilance as a QPPV, but also by helping marketing authorization holders to set up their Pharmacovigilance master files under the GVP (Good Pharmacovigilance Practices) Guidelines.