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Interview Rebecca TARRIEN | Consultante Affaires Réglementaires US

Meet the team !

Rebecca Tarrien

Rencontre avec Rebecca Tarrien, qui a rejoint l’équipe RNI Consulting LLC aux Etats Unis en août 2018. Rebecca est spécialisée dans le droit alimentaire américain.

  • What is your career and how long have you been in this job?

My scientific career started in the biomedical research labs at the University of Central Florida and the University of Michigan.  I transitioned into the Dietary Supplement field seven years ago, where I held research and scientific roles in product development and developed expertise in product formulation, marketing and claim substantiation, labeling regulations, and safety evaluations for dietary supplements.

  •  What is your role within RNI? Which activities best characterize your work?

My main role within RNI is focused on regulatory compliance for dietary supplements, foods, and cosmetics for the U.S.  Day to day you may find me reviewing product labels, substantiating product claims, or evaluating ingredients for regulatory compliance.

  •  What do you like most about your work at RNI?

One of my favorite things about this work is the opportunity to constantly learn as guidelines and regulations evolve and expand.  I also enjoy that the work is always interesting and different as we get to tackle many diverse questions and projects for our clients.

  •  How did you come to work for RNI?

I actually worked with Amy Mozingo (Associate Director – USA Regulatory Affairs Consultant) at my previous company, and although we only worked together for a short time, she introduced me to the regulatory world and taught me a great deal.  I always thought of her as a mentor, so when the opportunity arose, I was absolutely thrilled to join her and the RNI team.

  •  How would your colleagues qualify you in 3 words?

Hard-working, honest, fun.

  •  Your philosophy / your motto in life?

Do work you can take pride in and make time for your happy place (mine is the beach!)

  •  What do you work toward in your free time?

I try to finish one new book a month.