General Manager

Trained as a dietician (BTS Dietetique Lysée Saint Louis), Violaine Chaumont specialized in human nutrition with a Master Engineer Degree in nutrition and dietetics (Faculty of Medicine of Nancy) obtained in 2001 and began her career in pediatric services , metabolic diseases and severe burns at the CHU Pellegrin de Bordeaux.

Violaine Chaumont also specializes in feeding soldiers in the Army and Air Force. Passionate about nutrition but also health product law, she completed her studies with a DESS in Health Law – Regulatory Affairs at Paris-Sud University. The regulation and regulation of health products being a keystone for access to health products and health for all, she quickly joined the world of the pharmaceutical and nutrition industry by successively integrating the laboratory American Wyeth-Whitehall (medicines and infant nutrition products) in 2001, then the French laboratory Pileje (food supplements, dietetic products) in 2003, in charge of Regulatory Affairs.

In 2006, Violaine Chaumont founded the consulting firm RNI Conseil, which brings together fifteen consultants who are experts in the regulation of nutrition products, cosmetics and health products.

Member of the French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists (number: 19288).