Véronique TRAYNARD


Veronique has more than 10 years of professional experience. Her scientific background includes a food science engineer diploma, a PhD in nutrition physiology at Burgundy university, an University Diploma in Clinical Research Method (Bordeaux), and a diploma in Medicinal Plants and Phytotherapy.

She has worked for 5 years in 2 American companies as a R&D manager, working on the formulation of food supplements and enriched foods, the coordination of clinical operations, the writing of regulatory dossiers, and the organization of scientific conferences for KOL and health care practitioners.

She has also worked 4 years at INSERM Research Center in preclinical research on the intestinal absorption of dietary fat. Veronique assists RNI Conseil’s clients in the formulation / development of food supplements, the writing of scientific dossiers, and studies set up and implementation.