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RNI is committed and supports the associations of the Club House and the SPIO !

Our work at RNI goes beyond regulatory and scientific affairs.

Throughout the years, we have helped and supported our clients on challenging regulatory matters and have provided them with strategies beyond compliance. We strongly believe that a company also has a social role and should give back to its community. For that reason, RNI have supported 2 associations for many years:

Founded by four Indigenous and Pacific Islander Stanford alumni, the association enables access to higher education and economic opportunities in Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia. Its mission is to innovatively support and promote Pacific Islander voices, cultures, and communities through leadership development, storytelling, and community-building programs.

Clubhouse France focuses its efforts on helping fight the challenges anybody can face in their lifetime. From individual to collective disasters (mourning, divorce, bankruptcy, war and economic disaster), we all may be directly confronted to deep issues. As a matter of fact, the WHO estimates that mental disorders affect one in five people each year and one in three over a lifetime. From mild depression to disabling psychiatric illness, all those involved in the development of Clubhouse France are concerned either directly or by one or more of their relatives.

With current economic uncertainties, these associations need help now more than ever. Through your support to RNI, you also support these non-profit organisations around the world, and we thank you for that.

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