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Reg&Co – Regulatory and Design Solution


Reg&Co: put an end to the hassle of regulation…

RNI Consulting is glad to introduce its brand new service: Reg&Co, a new all-in-one regulatory and design solution.

When working on labels or new products, do you ask yourself…?

  1. How do I start creating the LABELS and PACKAGING of my new products?
  2. How can I SAVE TIME and be COST EFFECTIVE in the process?
  3. What if I want to expand internationally, how am I going to ADAPT to local regulations?
  4. How do I know if my final design is FULLY COMPLIANT with each of the local regulations?
  5. Who can handle the PROJECT MANAGEMENT of the entire process, from contract manufacturing to printing and regulatory affairs?




How does it work?

We developed a unique process that allows your company to streamline your regulatory and design needs at the same time:

  1. We create a FULLY COMPLIANT LABEL. From mandatory mentions, to claims, font sizes, country of origin and other requirements, we ensure the product label is compliant with the country of choice.
  2. We then REFINE the design together with you. We propose 5 BACK & FORTHS to match your marketing and sales objectives
  3. Once the FINAL LABEL or packaging is done, you will receive a native & PDF file, sent to you or your contract manufacturer / printer.


All Around The World

RNI Consulting will develop all the different versions of your labels, compliant-ready for your expansions. Even more, thanks to many years of experience at an international level, RNI Consulting can provide you advice on how to localize your product communication, giving your expansion strategy a further opportunity to succeed on these new markets.

Products for Reg&Co


Are you ready?

RNI Consulting understands the challenges your company faces with product development, regulatory, design, marketing and project coordination. With ReG&Co, RNI Consulting delivers an All-In-One solution, providing fully compliant labels for your domestic markets as well as abroad for your expansions.

Contact us today to learn more about all our services: